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Hi! This is David Brogan.
May I begin by offering you a heartfelt welcome to my online piano music tutorials & a huge thankyou for visiting.
My primary purpose in developing this website is to provide a comprehensive resource of free information & quality easy to follow music lessons for you, in quickly learnt segments, via video demonstration.
In addition to the canon of standard repertoire for the piano, I have a keen interest in 'New Age' and contemporary compositions; & crossover solo arrangements from the current popular genres of music culture. I hope to premiere and showcase many of these pieces exclusively for you on this website.
Although all the site contact is currently FREE to download and enjoy, I will shortly be providing a quality professional subscription lesson service offering videos & downloads of your most requested pieces; and tips, tools & tricks from a 'jobbing' pianist on quick practice, sight-reading, & pianistic techniques. Look forward to this in the very near future.
I hope the site & lesson content will develop as a result of interactive synergy & realtime feedback from you all; & really look forward to hearing your views & comments on every aspect of the site's content. I can testify that in all of my experience teaching piano lessons so far, the teacher is most often the student, and the student the real teacher.

Let our adventure begin...
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My most recent Videos:
  • Rehearsal footage from Piano Recital in Paphos, Cyprus. Copyright David Brogan 2009.
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